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Leaked: Ottawa Senators New 2020-21 Logo

It’s amazing how one tiny leak can eventually lead to so much more…

Just a few days after word spread that the Ottawa Senators were returning to a slightly updated version of their 1997-2007 logo, we have seen the new logo.

Thanks to an errant shop listing at the official online NHL store (which was spotted by Twitter user @the_soub) we see that the new Sens logo is pretty much a straight copy of the original…

There is one minor difference… did you spot it?

Here’s a side-by-side:

The “wings” off to the left of the logo are now trimmed with gold rather than red.

Yup. I mean, sometimes it takes a good thirteen or so years to change a colour.

It’s also possible some of the exact shades of colours used here may have been updated, the gold for instance could be slightly different in 2020 versus 2007, that’s the sort of detail we’ll need to wait for the official unveiling to get clarified (it’s simply too hard to tell on a shop listing).

This has been a change the Senators have spent several years trying to nail, from focus groups to season ticket holder events to surveys, the club couldn’t quite decide if they were going to go forward with the 2010s Centurion style or the 1920s “O” style. Instead, they split the difference and went with a logo from the 1990s.

Ottawa Senators Logo and Uniform History

While it may be a tad disappointing to see them simply go back to an old design after all this, it’s a tried, tested, and true design, at least they know the fans will like the logo. And based on the uniform description we heard earlier this week, it sounds like that’ll be a pretty solid look as well (basically their expansion season set).

The Senators were originally expected to unveil their new look at the 2020 NHL Draft, which was scheduled to be held later this month, due to the COVID-19 pandemic pushing the NHL season into September (right?), the draft has been moved to October.