Atlanta Hawks Unveil New Uniforms, Logos, Colours

The Atlanta Hawks this morning officially unveiled three new uniforms, a series of new alternate logos, as well as a new colour scheme. This unveiling confirms the leaked black jersey we saw just a few days ago.

Yellow returns to the Hawks’ colour scheme, a hue that was sorely missed in the overall look of the team. The team has replaced the electric/volt/neon green that they’d been wearing since the introduction of their past uniform set with this new “Legacy Yellow”.

Overall it’s a fairly clean and simple look, which in an era of overthinking many designs, is appreciated. Each uniform has either the city name or team name arched across the front in collegiate-style lettering, the player’s number below in the same font. Stripes run around the collar and around the sleeves and continue down each side of the uniform to the leg of the shorts. A secondary basketball logo on the waistband of the shorts and the team’s retro “Pac-Man” logo is added to the side of the pant leg.

“As we enter the next era of Hawks basketball, we are returning to our roots. We are paying respect to our treasured past, with our sights focused on a bright future ahead. We are freshening our look while paying homage to the colours most synonymous with the Hawks organization. Taking the most beloved details of our past uniforms to create a look that blends past, present and future. Our new style is timeless and classic, reintroducing elements true Hawks fans have come to know and love as we enter a new golden era in pursuit of a championship.”

Atlanta Hawks

The New Atlanta Hawks Logos

As mentioned the Hawks introduced a few new logos along with their new uniforms.

The two new alternate marks both have a retro feel to them. On the red icon and white association uniforms, the logo is a simple single-coloured basketball with “HAWKS” written across it in the same collegiate font seen on the jerseys. The black statement uniform incorporates a red and yellow version of this same logo but with “ATL” in place of “HAWKS”.

Both of these new logos are being worn on the waistband of the shorts on their respective uniforms.

The new wordmarks are inspired by the team’s original uniform style. “Atlanta” is shown arched in red with yellow trim on the white, white with yellow trim on the red. The black statement uniform instead reads “HAWKS” in this same font in yellow trimmed in red. There is also a simple stacked wordmark showing the full name of the team which will serve as their primary “wordmark” logo.

The New Atlanta Hawks Colours

The new Atlanta Hawks colour scheme is officially listed as Torch Red, Infinity Black, Legacy Yellow, and Granite Gray.

Torch Red, a colour that’s been around since the club’s inaugural season in 1968, symbolizes “the heart of [their] unending quest for excellence, [their] red-hot spirit, and fiery passion for the game”.

Infinity Black affirms the team’s “bold and relentless pursuit of a championship” which is “fueled by the support” of Hawks fans and the love for the city of Atlanta.

Legacy Yellow is included as a nod to the team’s past, listed as a “hue that shines brightly, reminding [them] of the of the shoulders [they] stand on”.

Granite Grey is for the Hawks’ “firm foundation comprised of deep character, class, strength and integrity” which is also “dedicated to supporting each other” and the community.

The Air Jordan “Jumpman” Logo

Perhaps you noticed the Hawks’ new black jersey included the Michael Jordan “Jumpman” logo? Well, buried in this release is the news that *all* NBA Statement Edition uniforms will be dropping the Nike Swoosh from their jerseys in favour of the Jordan Brand’s Jumpman logo beginning with the 2020-21 season. Nice.

“The Statement Edition uniform design sets the tone for big games or rivalries and make a bold statement every time they step on the court”, read the release. “[This is] a natural connection to Jordan Brand’s namesake and the legend’s approach to the game.”

Typically just the Charlotte Hornets, owned by Michael Jordan, have featured the Jumpman logo as well as the NBA’s All-Star Game uniforms.

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All photographs in this post are courtesy the Atlanta Hawks