MLS Expansion Club St Louis City SC Unveils Name and Logo

Yes, it would seem that they’re from the ‘Lou’, and they are proud.

St. Louis, one of several cities slated to join Major League Soccer as an expansion club over the next few years, announced their name and unveiled their logos via their social media account yesterday afternoon. They shall be known as St Louis City SC and they will join MLS for the 2023 season.

Why the name St Louis City SC?

The club explained the origin of using “City” as their team name as a result of some good old-fashioned civic pride.

“Our club represents every street, neighbourhood and community in the region, standing up for one another”, the team’s official website read. “We are the collective spirit of generations old and young, doers and makers, always looking forward – together. We are America’s First Soccer Capital and we tenaciously embrace our future. This is our club. This is our home. This is our CITY.”

The team received over 6,000 fan submissions according to who echoed the bit about St. Louis being “America’s First Soccer Capital”, later adding that the SC has a double meaning that it could stand either for “Soccer Club” or “Soccer Capital”

What’s the St Louis City SC Logo?

The team’s logo is a blue and red shield featuring St. Louis’ famous Gateway Arch in red on the blue portion of the shield. Joining the arch are two additional lines representing the confluence of the rivers Missouri and Mississippi (this confluence of the two rivers is also the influence behind portions of the City of St. Louis flag).

Designed by a group of over 20 local designers, the crest is “based upon a common theme discovered through focus groups and discussions with various community members — a deep-rooted sense of unity and pride across the region in the St. Louis City flag”, says

There are also a series of no-nonsense additional wordmark logos shown above joining the primary crest.

What are the St Louis City SC colours?

Graphic via St Louis City SC

The official colour scheme for St Louis City SC are officially “City Red”, “River Blue”, “Energy Yellow”, and “Arch Steel”. Essentially these are red, dark navy blue, yellow, and grey, on quick glance they’re very similar overall to those used by the St. Louis Cardinals (grey aside).

St Louis City SC joins Austin FC (2021), Charlotte FC (2022), and the yet to be named Sacramento club (2023)… let’s just go out on a limb here and say Sacramento FC… as expansion teams soon joining MLS.