Every Possible 2020 NBA Finals Matchup Remaining

The 2020 NBA Finals tips off this afternoon with four games from the bubble in Orlando. Can the Raptors repeat without Kawhi? Can Lebron bring a championship back to L.A.? Is this the year Giannis finally takes the Bucks to the final round?

Yes, there are plenty of questions with the answers to be determined over the course of the next couple of months.

Regular readers of this site will know that whenever playoff time rolls around, we like to track the possible championship matchups. Most sites start looking at those possibilities in the semis, we start right from the beginning, with sixteen teams still in the hunt and sixty-four possible pairings in the finals.

Let’s take a look at those 64 possible 2020 NBA Finals matchups at the onset of the playoffs.

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Alright, two teams were swept out of the first round so far, so let’s get rid of all the possible matchups featuring the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers to leave us with just 48 possible 2020 NBA Finals matchups:

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Again, we will keep updating this as more teams are kicked out of Disney World.

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