Every Possible 2020 Stanley Cup Final Matchup Remaining

Well it’s late August, so that can only mean it’s time for playoff hockey!

As we discussed earlier this week with the NBA Playoffs (see that here), every year for all the big four sports we track every possible finals matchup as the postseason goes along.

For the upcoming 2020 Stanley Cup Final, at the onset of the playoffs, we started with 64 possible matchups, that’s any of the eight teams in the Eastern Conference that could be paired up with any of the eight in the Western. As the teams get eliminated, these numbers drop fast. By the time the second round begins, we’ll have gotten rid of 75% of all possible matchups, the 64 drops to 16.

Anyways, at the beginning of the 2020 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs here were the 64 possible pairings for the 2020 Stanley Cup Final. One of these 64 will happen, it’s a guarantee!

Click the graphic for a larger version of this image


The first round is over! Eight teams out, eight teams remain and with that only 16 possible Stanley Cup Final pairings… two new graphics to post today, first, an update to our big board showing all 64:

Click the graphic for a larger version of this image

And now one showing just the 16 remaining…

We’ll continue to update this as teams are bounced from the bubble.

What do you think the 2020 Stanley Cup Final matchup will be? What do you hope it’ll be? Still some interesting pairings remaining up on the big board. Share your thoughts in the comments.