National Junior College Athletic Association Updates Logo

When the National Junior College Athletic Association resumes competition next year, it will do so with an updated logo that was unveiled on Tuesday afternoon.

“The NJCAA brand is the first impression of the association and the visual identity for two-year collegiate athletics in the United States,” NJCAA vice president for eternal affairs and development Brian Luckett said in a statement. “Our team placed great emphasis on having a modern presence while also staying true to the association’s history.”

The updated logo is merely a simplification of the NJCAA shield that has been in use since the 2008-09 academic year, incorporating clearer lines and a consistent typeface while removing gradients from the color scheme. 

In addition to the primary logo, Columbus, Ohio-based Rickabaugh Graphics also updated some of the NJCAA’s regional and sport-specific logos. That includes the swimming and diving logo, which now showcases a swimmer instead of a wave. 

“Our primary goal was to elevate the brand image for its member schools, sponsored events and for the NJCAA itself,” Rickabaugh Graphics owner and creative director Eric Rickabaugh said in a statement. “The logos being unveiled today are but a portion of those efforts and we are very proud to see them being put to work. It is a great honor to be a part of the NJCAA’s mission and to work with the organization and its member schools to promote both amazing athletics and excellence in education.”

Founded in 1938, the NJCAA is the governing body of community and junior college athletics. It oversees 437 teams playing 16 sports across the Division I, II and III levels.

Photos courtesy of the NJCAA.