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MLB Reveals Logos for 2020 World Series and Postseason

Major League Baseball today unveiled their 2020 Postseason logos, including those for the World Series, LCS, LDS, and Wildcard rounds. This was done as the league was announcing the 2020 Postseason schedule and the neutral-site locations for the various rounds.

For 2020, the logos follow a theme surrounding blue, silver, and gold. All logos are preferred to be used on a navy blue background, as shown at the top of the post. For when logos must be used on white (as we do on our site) they come with their own navy blue enclosure, typically in the form of a rectangle with a gradient.

Here’s the full slate of baseball’s Postseason logos for 2020:

Yes, those advertiser logos are a part of each of the official LCS, LDS, and Wild Card logos. They will not be included when the logos are used for any consumer merchandise. Advertiser marks have been used several times in recent Postseasons, they are not new. We’re not sure yet if the World Series will also be getting one, the last few years saw the World Series presented by YouTube TV.

There are several variations of the 2020 World Series logo, as you’d expect, but the one shown in the previous graphic is classified as the “primary logo” for the series.

Here are all the alternate and secondary logos for the 2020 World Series:

I’m a bit of a traditionalist, I love it when the World Series logo uses the ball diamond shape as it did, in various forms, from 1987-1999 and again in 2008, 2015, and 2019. I do, however, like the choice of colour scheme (and the font… I mean it’s the same one we use, right?) with this set. The World Series is all about winning that trophy, the logo should always incorporate gold to reflect this.

Here’s a look back at every World Series logo from 1974 right up through 2020:

This year, due to it being, well the most ridiculous year in quite some time, the LDS, LCS, and World Series rounds will all be held at neutral site locations. The Wild Card rounds will be best 2 of 3 with all three games played at the home stadium of the higher-ranked seed.

The entire National League half of the bracket (after the Wild Card round) will be played in Texas, with one NLDS series in Houston and the other in Arlington. The NLCS will be in Arlington.

Meanwhile, the American League will do their thing in California with Los Angeles playing host to one ALDS series and the other ALDS series, as well as the ALCS heading to San Diego.

The entire 2020 World Series will be played at the new rectractable roof stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Here’s the official 2020 MLB Postseason bracket:

The 2020 Postseason will begin with the Wild Card Series on September 29th and will wrap up by October 2nd. The LDS round begins October 5th and ends by October 10th, the LCS goes from October 11th to 18th.

The 2020 World Series will begin on Tuesday, October 20, 2020 and a potential Game Seven will be played on Wednesday, October 28, 2020.