Our First Look at Baseball’s 2021 Spring Training Logos

I think we can all get behind looking towards 2021 as quickly as possible.

Major League Baseball yesterday unveiled the logo for its 2021 Spring Training campaign as well as the individual Grapefruit League (Florida) and Cactus League (Arizona) logos.

As with recent years, the Spring Training logos follow a theme of taking a vacation, and while the last few logos focused more on the road trip aspect of the vacation, this year’s appear to be centred around the sunshine and relaxation.

The primary 2021 Spring Training logo goes with a retro postcard design (we have to guess here because no information on the logos accompanied the release), with the name of the event in vintage-styled lettering placed on a rounded rectangle. A pair of sunglasses in the lower right corner with a cactus in one lens and a palm tree in the other symbolizes Arizona and Florida.

For the individual league logos, the sunglasses are the main star. Both show the glasses at the top of the logo just below the league’s logo, the glasses are coloured teal for Arizona and pink (or is it salmon?) for Florida, with their respective state’s abbreviation in the right lens and the cactus or palm tree in the left. All the logos are accompanied by the Camping World logo.

The 2021 Spring Training schedule will get underway on February 27 and run until March 30. The regular season is set to begin on April 1, 2021.