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Graphic: Every Stanley Cup Championship Clinching Uniform from 1918-2020


Six years ago we created a graphic which received a fair amount of attention depicting the uniform worn for each Stanley Cup-clinching victory since the dawn of the NHL era (1918). In that post, we compiled a whole host of (what I consider to be) interesting and very uniform-nerdy stats involving what colours were worn. If you want to see those stats (and you probably do if you’re a visitor of this site) then you can see that post here, the post you’re reading now is just my annual update to the graphic, no fancy stats.

The Tampa Bay Lightning won the 2020 Stanley Cup tonight, their first in sixteen years and the second in their franchise’s history, congrats to the Bolts! And also with that, we lose probably our opportunity ever to watch a playoff game from the NHL, NBA, and Major League Baseball all on the same day… we came oh so close.

Oh well. At least I didn’t have to re-use that pandemic graphic from 1919.

The Lightning won the title “on the road” in up in the bubble in Edmonton while wearing their road white uniforms, this is the fifth consecutive time a team has clinched the Stanley Cup while wearing a white uniform — if they had won “at home” in Game 5 (or Game 7) they would have been the first to clinch while wearing blue since the Edmonton Oilers did thirty years ago in Boston in 1990. They’re the second predominantly overall blue team to win Stanley Cup in a row, which you wouldn’t think was so odd until you realize that prior to last season, you had to go all the way back to the 1994 New York Rangers. An incredible drought considering the number of teams that wear blue.

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