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NBA Reveals Court Design for 2020 NBA Finals

The NBA today unveiled the court design they’ll be using throughout the 2020 NBA Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat.

Since every game is being played on the same court regardless of which team is the home team a neutral, universal design will be used and it gives us our first opportunity since 2013 to see the NBA Finals logo on the court… unfortunately, of course, the logo they use now for the Finals is terrible.

The court features the 2020 NBA Finals logo right at centre court, “BLACK LIVES MATTER” above it by the officials’ area, two Walt Disney World logos, and baselines featuring the Larry O’Brien Trophy, one blue (for the Eastern Conference) and one red (for the Western Conference)

I’m all for bringing back the NBA Finals logo to the court (scripted version please!) if/when we all get back to normal in 2021, it just makes the event seem a little more special seeing that logo during the game.

Or we could go all the way back to the giant trophy design…

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