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Mavs Green, Nets Tie-Dyes Highlight NBA’s Throwback Jerseys in 2021

The entire slate of NBA 2020-21 “Classic” uniforms were posted for sale prior to their respective announcements this week on the online branch of Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Each of the five designs have been confirmed to SportsLogos.Net as legit for the upcoming season, one of which had been leaked earlier this week (LA Lakers) and one had been announced over a year ago back in the Summer of 2019 (Grizzlies).

The three new uniforms we previously were unaware of include the Brooklyn Nets who are throwing back to the New Jersey Nets infamous “tie-dye” style jersey of the early 1990s, the Golden State Warriors and the trolly car numbers of the 1960s, and the Dallas Mavericks in their 1980s green tops.

Check it out:

The Nets, Grizzlies, and Lakers images shown above are all retail-only t-shirt versions of the jerseys they’ll be wearing, please note that when they’re on the court they will actually be wearing a traditional sleeveless-style basketball jersey.

All of the items above (Lakers aside) can be purchased now despite never having been released by the clubs, not sure how Dick’s was able to get that deal with the NBA.

The surprise of this batch is the Nets in the tie-dyes, which were worn for a single season as their road uniform in 1990-91 before switching to a more traditional style the following season.

Mavs fans will also surely be excited about the return to their green design, worn originally from 1981-1992, the Mavericks will be celebrating their club’s 40th anniversary in 2020-21.