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Vegas Goes Gold, Golden Knights Unveil New Third Jersey

The Vegas Golden Knights today unveiled the first alternate uniform in their franchise’s history and it’s exactly what’d you would’ve expected.

Yes, gold. Well, not just any gold, “metallic knit” gold, the team is saying calling it the first-of-its-kind on the Adidas Adizero jersey.

“What other town could have a gold Jersey like this?”, asked Las Vegas entertainer Wayne Newton on the launch site. “It is so Vegas.”

It’s a straight-up re-colour of their usual home and road set (and while that may seem boring, I’ve always felt that’s what a third jersey should be). The same striping, same logo, same shoulder patches, all that’s different is what colour goes where.

As the launch site says, this “third jersey advances our brand”, it keeps the consistency of the Golden Knights’ look across all three of their uniforms.

The base colour is gold, sleeves are graphite at the top, gold at the bottom, and a thick white stripe at the elbow with a thin red stripe below it. The floral pattern seen on the sleeves of the home and road set is incorporated into the white stripe. There’s a thick graphite stripe right at the waist with a thin white stripe above. Collar is gold with a thin graphite stripe right at the neck.

Inside the back collar is the phrase “ALWAYS ADVANCE. NEVER RETREAT”, which the club is calling [team owner] Bill Foley’s personal motto for the club. Each player’s name and number are graphite with white trim on the back of the jersey. The usual team crest (with the floral pattern in the shield) is on the front chest, the standard shoulder logos are on the shoulders.

Similar to what the San Jose Sharks did a few years ago, the jersey has been designed with the overall weight of it in mind. The team says the jersey features “new cresting materials and construction technology”, which reduces the weight of the crest by 46%, in addition to the “perforated” numbers the team has always used which reduces the weight of those elements by up to 60%.

Vegas joins the Buffalo Sabres and Ottawa Senators as teams to introduce new looks for the 2020-21 season so far, the Sens have still yet to unveil their new uniform (though we’ve seen it already). The Calgary Flames are expected to introduce a new uniform in the coming days.

Vegas Golden Knights logo and uniform history

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