Sens Return to Their Roots, Unveil New Uniforms

Calling it a “return to their roots”, the Ottawa Senators yesterday officially unveiled their long-ago leaked new home and road uniform set for the 2020-21 NHL season.

“This is a nod to the success of the past and a celebration of the future with the bright young stars and talented prospects”, read the team’s official website. “The original Senators jersey represents and connects the bond and exuberance of the young and committed teams of the past and present.”

It’s largely the same design as the club wore in their first fifteen seasons starting with the 1992-93 expansion season through to the final year before the league-wide switch to the Reebok Edge jersey in 2006-07. There are a few adjustments here and there which, of course, we will get into in full detail here.

First the logo…

The design of the logo is the same as what was used from 1997 through 2007 after the club dropped the team name from the logo in favour of a series of black laurel leaves. Colours however have changed. While the shade of red is the same as its always been for the modern Sens, the gold now has an overall metallic appearance, versus the more yellowish version of gold that was worn in the ’90s. This new metallic gold now also extends beyond the helmet of the senator, flowing behind as its cape — previously this was red.

The team’s old alternate logo, worn on the shoulders originally, is also returning with these same changes. The gold is more metallic, and the red trim has been replaced with gold.

As for the uniforms, the design is again basically the same with a couple of minor differences. New Adidas jersey cut aside, the new uniform essentially combines the jersey style from 1993-95 with the logo from 1997-2007 while also messing around with the waist striping.

First, a look at the new home black and road white set:

And now a comparison of how this has changed versus the original Senators uniform styles:

Alright, see the difference in the striping? It doesn’t look better, does it? I have no idea why they made this switch, it seems so unnecessary and, while it doesn’t change the overall look of their home blacks all that much, it really messes up the road whites… like, almost to the point of ruining them.


That’s really my only issue with this new set, overall it’s certainly an improvement over what they’d been wearing since 2008, a set which I had thought was the most boring in the league.

A few detailed photos from the team to wrap this review up…

This is the fourth new uniform set to be revealed so far leading into the 2020-21 NHL season. Back in August, the Buffalo Sabres showed off their new home and road set, last week the Vegas Golden Knights unveiled a new alternate jersey, and earlier this week the Calgary Flames came out with their own throwback uniforms.

LINK: Ottawa Senators All-Time Logo and Uniform History

All photographs in this post courtesy the Ottawa Senators