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PICS: Another Toronto Raptors New Uniform Leak

Now that the 2019-20 NBA season is finally over, we can probably expect to see this made official any day now, but until then, the leaks just keep on pouring out. Today, the new Toronto Raptors red 2020-21 “Icon” jersey was spotted for sale on Foot Locker’s online shop.

Of course, this uniform has yet to be revealed, despite that we’ve now seen it for sale on the Foot Locker site and even on the rack at a downtown Toronto shop.

Take a look:

This matches what we originally reported over the summer, a Chevron-focused design similar to what they wore during the 2019 NBA Championship run with “RAPTORS” replacing “NORTH” across the jersey. This listing does give us our first look at the back of the jerseys, here’s the front and back together:

Nothing exciting with the design on the back, I did wonder if the chevron would carry on back there with player names placed inside (it’d be an interesting, yet subtle nod to the team’s original uniforms).

From this design we can take a shot at predicting what their white “Association” uniforms will look like:

The only thing I wasn’t entirely sure about was whether the player number would be red or black, I guessed red based on what I thought looked better with this design.

There are still at least two more jerseys from this new Toronto Raptors uniform set that we haven’t seen yet. The new “Statement” uniform, which I imagine will be black and (if recent history means anything) gold. There will also be a new “City” uniform which we hope will at least say “TORONTO” on it. I have heard rumblings that purple will be incorporated on one of these two jerseys as a trim colour. So, we’ll keep an eye out for that!

Our original report from the Summer, including some predictions on what the new look could be (we were close!) and a history of the Raps’ Chevron design

Here’s one of the earlier leaks on this uniform we’ve seen so far:

A reminder the Raptors aren’t only changing their uniforms but also are making a (very subtle) change to their team logo, this already leaked a few weeks ago and we discussed it here.

UPDATE: The Raptors have since officially unveiled their new uniforms including a new black one we’d yet to have seen, check that out here