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Dallas Stars Tease New Uniform

Earlier today the Dallas Stars teased a new uniform on their social media channels.

A Tweet on @DallasStars revealed two too-closeup-to-see-much photos with a message simply showing an emoji wearing a monocle with one raised eyebrow. The team’s Twitter account avatar adds a further clue, the numbers 10.28.20, or October 28, 2020, what we’d assume is the official reveal date for this new look.

What can we attain from the teasers? Not much! We see an-all black collar, the NHL shield logo placed in its usual location, with a black jersey base. A second photo shows a closeup of what looks to be the area where the shoulders meet the arms and again, all in black.

Could this be a black version of the club’s current home and road set? Perhaps as a new alternate/third jersey? That seems like too easy of a guess here but it would certainly make sense. Maybe it’s a throwback to the team’s 1990s-era black, green, and gold set?

A shot in the dark mockup of a possible new Dallas Stars jersey

The Stars first wore their current uniform set in the 2013-14 season, they’ve yet to pair an alternate jersey with this look but did wear a special “fauxback” uniform with it for the most recent Winter Classic game which they hosted back in January 2020.

We’ll find out Wednesday! Be sure to check back here then.

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