Dallas Stars Reveal New “Blackout” Third Uniform

Everyone stay calm… the City of Dallas is experiencing a “blackout”… or they just unveiled a brand new hockey uniform!

Referring to it as their new “Blackout” uniform, the Dallas Stars this morning revealed the club’s brand new alternate / third uniform, an all-black design highlighted (literally?) by neon “Skyline” green throughout.

Calling it “inspired by Dallas” but “designed for Texas”, the new uniform makes use of the green seen throughout the city’s skyline at night — there’s your Dallas inspiration — while also placing the club’s State of Texas alternate logo (a “D” on the state map) right on the front of the jersey.

Across the waist we see two green horizontal stripes, this pattern is duplicated on each sleeve and on the socks.

The collar is black and green with a single green star and a striping pattern meant as a nod to Dallas’ iconic Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, on the inside collar is an old State of Texas motto, “Come and Take It” as well as a cannon.

Player numbers are black on black (oh no…) but when they’re trimmed in that very bright green that may not be much of an issue.

You’ll notice an interesting new design style here that Adidas has implemented, and that’s the use of their perforated numbers to create the look of bevelling. It’s on both the back and sleeve numbers. This is also being used on the logo on the front of the jersey, which I believe is the first time we’ve seen this technique used by Adidas on an NHL logo:

The Dallas Stars will wear this uniform as their official third (or alternate) set beginning in 2020-21, as per NHL rules a third jersey must be worn between 12 to 15 times a season and for at least three years.