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Heat, Warriors Latest New 2021 NBA Jerseys Leaked

Something about plumbers tape? I don’t know, I can only come up with so many audience-appropriate leaking references.

This morning the leaks are coming from China as a post on the popular social media Weibo reveals five new 2020-21 NBA uniforms, including two which we hadn’t yet seen.


Okay, the two Mavs jerseys and the Lakers design, old news… but this at least further confirms the designs (and gives us a better look at the striping down the sides of the Mavs “City” jersey). The two we haven’t seen before are off on the right in this image, the Golden State Warriors and Miami Heat.

Golden State’s “City” jersey is just fantastic, a throwback of sorts to their late 1990s, early 2000s Greek warrior themed design which was navy blue, gold, and orange and incorporated lightning bolts throughout. The change here is the jersey now reads “Oakland” across the chest rather than “Warriors” as it did originally.

Miami’s design is harder to make out but it clearly continues on their “Miami Vice” themed “City” uniforms of recent, shown now with a gradient base of blue and pink. A design similar to this was circulating ’round social media last night via a t-shirt jersey, I had been warned that it wasn’t quite the same as the actual on-court jersey design so we ignored it.

Here’s that shirt, and as you can see, it does not include the gradient design of the jersey, instead choosing to incorporate it within the team script and player number. The jersey (according to the Weibo graphic) does not have this treatment on the logo and numbers.

These latest leaks follow leaks in recent days from the Mavs, Nets, Lakers, Blazers (who have since unveiled theirs), Pelicans, and Suns.

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