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Adidas Drops NHL Reverse Retro Teaser

So this looks interesting…

Adidas today released a teaser video promoting their new NHL Reverse Retro series, a rumoured additional uniform to be added to each team’s existing set which showcases a remixed version of a throwback design. The video shows 31 different jersey backs, each with a different colour scheme and a two-digit number. It doesn’t take long to realize these numbers represent a year, and colours represent, yes, colours.

Along with DetroitHockey.Net‘s Clark Rasmussen, I took a shot at what each of these 31 jerseys could be in the video below… of course, shortly after I made this video the teams went ahead and just confirmed which was which (hooray). Because of this, I went back and edited any of the teams that we got wrong (there weren’t many!). In the video, you’ll sometimes hear me say “I think it could be this team, but I don’t know”, but if I left it in the video, it’s now confirmed to be correct.

Beginning with a red and black (19)40 jersey, it goes through all 31, one for every team in the league, including a series of 1979 uniforms (the WHA class) and moving right into the bonkers designs of the 1990s.

The 2020-21 NHL/Adidas Reverse Retro program is set to be unveiled on Monday, November 16th, 2020 and yes, we’ll be allllll over that one. Check back then.