Expedition League adds Spuds, Tommyknockers, Sunfish

The collegiate summer level Expedition League, which currently includes teams in the Dakotas, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Manitoba, will debut at least three new teams when it resumes play (fingers crossed!) in 2021.

The most recent addition came yesterday with the announcement of the Canyon County Spuds, who will play in Caldwell, Idaho. The Spuds’ identity pays tribute to their home state’s iconic crop, eloquently celebrated on Idaho’s license plates: “Famous Potatoes.”

Last month, the league announced the addition of the Mining City Tommyknockers, who will play in Butte, Montana. The nickname refers to a mischievous, mythical creature who lives in mines and knocks to warn of danger, but who is also known for stealing lunches and playing other tricks.

The Spuds and the Tommyknockers will make their debuts alongside the Sioux Falls Sunfish, who were meant to debut in 2020 but suspended their season due to COVID-19. Sunfish is a nickname for bluegill, a popular panfish in the team’s home state of South Dakota.

The Expedition League is scheduled to make its debut May 25, 2021.