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Nuggets Reveal New “Flatiron Red” Skyline Uniform, Their Last

For the third season in a row the Denver Nuggets will be wearing a skyline uniform as their “City” edition option. This is the first time, however, they’ve gone with red as the main colour.

“The ‘flatirons red’ colour points to the landscape of Colorado and is a universal colour for goodwill,” Denver Nuggets Sr Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Declan Bolger told “That is meaning behind the jersey and it reflects the unique community that lives in Denver.”

The skyline design “celebrates the City and Mile High Basketball, inspiring a culture of diversity and building bridges through basketball”, read the team’s official press release.

Sadly, this will be the final year of a three-year program celebrating the team’s skyline jersey design. The team announced they would be turning their focus for future City Edition uniforms to the history of their franchise starting next season, their 45th in the NBA.

The Nuggets first wore a skyline jersey in 1981-82 and continued on for a dozen seasons before it was finally retired following the 1992-93 season. That original skyline design is sometimes referred to as the “rainbow skyline” look as it featured a multi-coloured across the chest. Though it’s been gone for nearly 30 years now, the unusual design has lasted in the hearts and memories both of Nuggets fans and those who enjoy sports uniforms.

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