Avalanche Announce Uniform Changes, Patch for 25th Season in 2021

The Colorado Avalanche will be celebrating their 25th season in Denver this upcoming 2020-21 NHL season with a series of events which (importantly to us) include a few related to the team’s uniforms.

Débuting for the 1995-96 season after twenty-three in Quebec as the Nordiques, the Avs began their relationship with their new Colorado fans the best way imaginable, winning the Stanley Cup in their first year stateside.

We already know of the Avs’ plans to honour their previous identity as part of the Adidas/NHL Reverse Retro program, an original Quebec Nordiques jersey recoloured to match the club’s current colours. A quick reminder of that beauty here…

What we didn’t know was the club will wear a 25th season patch and be altering some fairly important elements of their uniforms, all of which have been in place during their entire run in Colorado.

A look, first at the 25th season patch:

And how it stacks up with their previous anniversary patches:

This logo will be worn in the upper right corner of the team’s three primary jerseys.

The other bit of news is that the team will no longer be wearing black as the colour of their helmets, pants, and gloves, instead, they’ll be going with blue. The Avs have worn black helmets, pants, and gloves since moving from Quebec in 1995.

LINK: The complete Colorado Avalanche logo and uniform history

“The team will also be switching to new equipment colours to match the primary colours already included in the Avalanche’s home, away and alternate jerseys,” read a post on the club’s official website. “The home and away sweaters will now feature the primary colour of blue for the shorts, gloves and helmets, while the alternate sweater will have slight modifications to the pants and gloves.”

We took a couple of guesses at what that could look like, including the addition of the club’s 25th season patch. First, if they use the blue from the home and road jerseys:

And second if they use the darker blue from their alternate jerseys:

That… will take some getting used to, but as always I’ll reserve judgement until I see actual photos and the uniforms worn on the ice, in action. In these quick mockups, it looks a bit better in the darker blue.

In their 25 seasons in Colorado, the Avalanche have won two Stanley Cups, retired six numbers, had ten Hockey Hall of Famers suit up in their colours, hosted an NHL All-Star and two outdoor games.

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