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Back in Black and Gold… Again, Raptors Unveil 2021 City Uniform

The Toronto Raptors today used the occasion of announcing the re-signing of player Fred VanVleet to announce their brand new “City Edition” uniform for the 2020-21 NBA season.

Carrying on the black and gold theme that the team has used as an alternate colour scheme over the last several seasons, this new jersey is a continuation of the “Welcome Toronto” initiative which is being done in collaboration with recording artist and proud Toronto resident Drake.

Across the front of the jersey, we see “Toronto” scrawled in a style very similar to what the team wore across their expansion season jerseys (above that infamous giant red raptor logo) back in 1995. Of course, back then the jerseys read “Raptors” instead of Toronto and they certainly weren’t black and gold. Under the Toronto logo is a single raptor claw mark acting as an underscore to the design, several more raptor claw marks can be found scratching across the shorts of the uniform; moving from one leg across to the other.

Overall this uniform design is quite similar to what they wore last year for their city edition uniform but there are some changes. The underscore below the wordmark is certainly new, as is the lack of the expansion season-inspired player name presentation on the back. We also did not see the raptor claw marks going across the shorts last year.

This makes it four new uniforms unveiled by the Toronto Raptors thus far this off-season. Earlier we saw three chevron-heavy designs which were accompanied with teasers for two more, one suggesting a black and gold jersey (which we clearly have now seen today) and the other black and purple, which we believe to be the club’s new “Earned Edition” uniform, release date to be determined.