Frontier League introduces Ottawa Titans

Baseball’s independent Frontier League will add a 15th team in 2021, the Ottawa Titans, whose logo features a giant baseball player meant to signify the history, strength, and pride in Canada’s capital.

Per the team, the “Titans emblem will feature a red super slugger wielding his bat over his shoulder, sporting a black cap with a traditional baseball pinstripe uniform, a proudly Canadian maple leaf tattooed on its left bicep, standing above the Parliament buildings which are located in Canada’s Capital.”

The team’s colors evoke a familiar look in Ottawa’s sports history, drawing on the red, white and black found in the CFL’s Redblacks, OHL’s 67’s, and NHL’s Senators.

“We are proud to identify ourselves and officially get off and running here in the Ottawa market,” said Titans co-owner Sam Katz, quoted on the team’s website. “We listened to the people of Ottawa, and allowed them to choose the name of the team that will represent the city on the baseball field. We believe we’ve done that with the ‘Name the Team Contest’. We are pleased to have a name that embraces the strength of our Nation’s Capital and will rejuvenate Ottawa’s presence in the professional baseball scene.”

The Titans will debut in late Spring 2021 in the Frontier League, a partner league of Major League Baseball.