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Detroit Tigers Considering Logo Change?

It appears the Detroit Tigers are considering changing (or adding to) their team logos in the not-too-distant future.

Recently, the Tigers published a survey, sent out to a select group of fans, which asked them for their thoughts on several different Detroit Tigers logos — some of these were straight-up throwbacks to old team logos, while others were new designs based on those older looks.

Here’s a look at all six of the designs floated by the Tigers, courtesy Twitter user @SeanGagnier:

The six designs shown include the tiger head in a roundel logo from the late 1960s through to early 1990s, the tiger walking through a “D” used in the late 1990s, two new logos that put a modern spin on those previous two, and two wordmark logos.

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Here’s a close-up of the two new designs:

The logo on the left takes the design used originally from 1968-1993, adjusts the colours, cleans up the font, and changes the head of the tiger to match the one used on the “walking tiger” logo from the ’90s. It’s basically a cleaner, more modern version of a ’60s classic.

On the right is an updated version of the logo which replaced that other one, introduced in 1994 as their new primary logo (and briefly even worn on their road caps). The “D” has been changed to match the only “D” the team now uses (yes, the Tigers had two different “D” logos — one for their caps and one for their jerseys, up until 2017) and the tiger is now a step closer to leaving it’s “Olde-English” cage.

If the Tigers make this change a few things are certain — the home uniforms will remain the same and the logos on the caps will remain the same. At most, we could see one of these become the new primary logo but that won’t change much more than what logo appears on merchandise and what shows up first on our Tigers logo page here. For a team that has been very consistent in their uniforms and identity, this change would be the 5th(!) to the team’s primary logo in the last 30 years.

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