San Jose Sharks to Wear Heritage Jersey in 2021

The San Jose Sharks will be going retro both ways next season, just two weeks after the introduction of their late ’90s “Reverse Retro” jersey they’ve brought back another throwback… not reversed… for 2020-21.

In celebration of their 30th season in the league, the Sharks will be wearing their original expansion season road teal uniform for a select number of games. Officially the uniform has been designated as their “Heritage” jersey which means it will only be worn a handful of times (think 2 to 4) and will likely be likely discontinued following the season.

You can see the Adidas Adizero version of that original sweater as well as a few “remember when…” clips of the uniform when it was originally worn in the embedded video above (mute your speakers if you don’t want to hear my voice).

San Jose originally wore this uniform from 1991-92 through 1997-98 before it was replaced by what was their 1998 alternate uniform in 1998-99. The team has worn it a couple of times in the years since as a throwback uniform similar to what they’re doing this season.

Upon its release in 1991 it really took the merchandise world by storm, the Sharks dominated the sales charts in the NHL for several years and even at one point cracked the top 3 among all pro sports teams in the United States (unheard of for a hockey team!), trailing only the Los Angeles Raiders and Chicago White Sox.

San Jose also has a 30th season logo to go along with the new heritage sweater, it features a large 30 in white with silver and black trim on a teal, black, and silver triangle. The team’s original logo, now enjoying the extra space that this larger triangle provides, is down there at the bottom.