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All the NHL Helmet Ads Being Worn for 2020-21

With the National Hockey League allowing teams to make their own individual deals to display advertiser’s logos on their in-game helmets in 2020-21, we figured we’d help you keep up-to-date with what each team is wearing with this all-in-one tracker. The NHL says this will only be permitted during the 2020-21 season.

Below you’ll see each of the teams to announce a deal thus far, listed in alphabetical order. We’ll add to this list as new agreements are announced so keep checking back to see if you missed anything.

Last updated: January 14, 2021 at 2:00pm ET


The Arizona Coyotes, who will be wearing their retro “Kachina” style jerseys as a defacto home uniform this season, announced on January 4, 2021, they would be wearing two different advertiser’s logos on their helmets. For home games, the Mountain America logo would be worn, and for road games with the white helmet, it will be that of Dignity Health.


The Boston Bruins announced on January 6th that they would be wearing the green and white logo of their arena naming rights holder, TD Bank, on both their home black and road white helmets throughout the season.


The Sabres will wear two logos, announced on January 9th. At home the logo of KeyBank (unfortunately with red), while on the road whites it’s Roswell Park.


The Calgary Flames announced they would wear the logo of Scotiabank on their home red and road white helmets in 2020-21, the logo shows a stylized white “S”.

Scotiabank is the naming rights holder of the Flames’ home arena, the Scotiabank Saddledome.


The Carolina Hurricanes will wear the logo of their arena naming sponsor PNC across all four of their helmets including the green lids they plan on wearing with their Hartford Whalers inspired Reverse Retro uniforms.


The Chicago Blackhawks are wearing the logo of United Airlines on their black home and road white helmets this season, United has held the naming rights of their home arena for nearly thirty years.


The Avalanche will be wearing the logo of the Ball Corporation, who recently took over the naming rights deal of their home arena. The logo appears on the Avs’ brand new blue home helmets as well as the road whites and alternate navy blues.


The Columbus Blue Jackets announced they would wear the logo of Nationwide on their road white helmets and OhioHealth on their home blue helmets on January 4, 2021.

“This special opportunity to engage corporate partners in a way that has never been done before in the NHL is an exciting one for our franchise,” said Blue Jackets Sr. Vice President/Chief Operating Officer Cameron Scholvin. “To be able to share this with Nationwide and OhioHealth, two of the nation’s premier companies and long-time Blue Jackets partners is something of which we are very proud.”


The Dallas Stars announced on January 4, 2021, that they will wear the logo of AT&T on their home, road, and alternate helmets this season. The colour of the globe on the AT&T logo will change depending on the uniform being worn, with their usual home and road set the globe is blue, but when worn with their neon green and black alternate uniform the globe will be white.


The Detroit Red Wings will be wearing the initials of United Wholesale Mortgage on both their home red and road white helmets, both featuring a large “UWM” on either side. The deal was announced on January 4, 2021, and included many perks for UWM beyond the helmet ads, details of which can be found here.

“We are excited to welcome UWM as the official mortgage partner of the Detroit Red Wings, and for this innovative, Michigan-based business to be the first-ever featured partner on our iconic red and white helmets,” said Chris Granger, Group President, Sports & Entertainment, Ilitch Holdings, Inc. “It’s a pleasure to work with UWM and we look forward to partnering with them for years to come.”


While they haven’t announced anything, the Edmonton Oilers have been wearing Rogers logos on their helmets during practice. Rogers owns the naming rights to their home arena.


The Florida Panthers announced two helmet deals on December 23, 2020. The team will wear the Ford Motor Company logo on their helmets during actual gameplay for both home and road games but will wear the logo of Baptist Health during team practices.


The Kings have partnered with the California Hope Crisis Counseling Program to wear the CalHOPE logo on their helmets this season.

“Our new partnership with CalHOPE goes well beyond the ice, which is especially important to us during these unprecedented times,” Kings president Luc Robitaille said in the official release. “The LA Kings have always believed we have a responsibility to help promote positive resources to assist our community, which has been an important part of our mission for more than 50 years. It is exciting that both the Kings and CalHOPE share common values when it comes to serving, and that both organizations believe in the importance of helping those in need.”


The Minnesota Wild will wear the logo of their arena naming rights holder, Xcel Engery on both their home green and road white helmets.

“Xcel Energy has been an incredible team partner since our inaugural season and we are proud to announce their logo will be the first-ever to appear on our helmets,” the president of the Minnesota Wild Matt Majka said in the official release. “This partnership provides Xcel Energy with an extremely unique opportunity to showcase their brand throughout this season. We are grateful for their support. I would also like to thank the NHL for providing team’s with this tremendous opportunity for brand placement.”


The Habs announced on December 23, 2020, that they would be wearing the logo for Bell, their home arena naming rights holder, on their helmets during the season.

“The Canadiens are appreciative of the team’s partnership with Bell, and for their unwavering support through what has been and will continue to be a challenging landscape for many industries, including ours,” said Canadiens executive vice president and chief commercial officer, France Margaret Bélanger in the official news release. “The Canadiens’ uniforms are a symbol of history and tradition, and we believe the Bell logo will fit in seamlessly on the team’s helmets. We would also like to recognize the work the NHL has done to provide innovative solutions and new sponsorship opportunities for the 2020-21 season.”


The Nashville Predators announced a helmet deal with Bridgestone, their arena naming rights holder, on December 22, 2020. The Predators will wear the company’s logo featuring a red and black “B” on the side of their home gold and road white helmets.

“Being the outstanding partner Bridgestone Americas is for the Nashville Predators, we continue to work to find ways to deliver the full value of their commitment to the organization,” Nashville Predators Chief Revenue Officer Chris Junghans said in the press release. “With the League’s help, we were able to find another avenue to accomplish this in a unique season. We would like to thank Bridgestone, the National Hockey League and Commissioner Gary Bettman, and look forward the results this yields.”


The New Jersey Devils became the first team to commit to wearing an ad on their helmets when they announced they’d place Prudential logos on their home black and road white helmets this season on December 22, 2020.

“For as long as we have called Newark home, Prudential Financial has been with us every step of the way,” New Jersey Devils President Jake Reynolds said in the official press release. “Over a decade later, with our Prudential Center and their headquarters based in our shared home city, Prudential Financial was our first and only call when such a significant opportunity for brand placement and association was made available by the NHL.”


The Islanders announced on January 14, 2021 that they’d be wearing two different advertisements on their helmets this season. On their home blues it’s the logo of Northwell Health and on their road whites it’s UBS (yes, in red… blah)


The Rangers haven’t announced a helmet ad yet, but they have been wearing the logo of Northwell Health on their helmets during pre-season practices. While this has been an indicator of a yet-to-be-announced deal with some other teams, the Rangers case may be different as the club specifically announced that Northwell Health was their *training camp* presenting sponsor. So we’ll have to wait and see if this carries on to the regular season.


The Ottawa Senators will wear the logo for Bell on their home black helmets and Canadian Tire on their road whites according to reports released on January 6. Canadian Tire holds the naming rights to the Sens’ home building.


The Philadelphia Flyers announced on January 13th they will wear a TCS logo on their home black and road white helmets this season, TCS stands for Tata Consultancy Services.


The Pittsburgh Penguins announced they’d be wearing a rather large blue and white PPG Paints decal on their home black and road white helmets during the 2020-21 season. PPG Paints is also the naming rights holder of the team’s home arena.

“We are proud to showcase PPG on our helmets as the first corporate partner on Penguins’ game equipment,” said David Morehouse, president and CEO of the Penguins in the official news release. “It’s exciting to expand our long-term partnership with PPG, an iconic Pittsburgh company, by providing additional exposure to millions of fans, viewers and social media followers across the world – especially during our games at PPG Paints Arena.”


San Jose will be wearing two helmet ads this season, the SAP logo will be on their home black lids while the Zoom logo goes on the road whites.

“The Sharks are proud to have SAP and Zoom represented on our game helmets throughout the 2021 season,” the Sharks’ VP of marketing Doug Bentz said in the official release. “Having deep relationships with both SAP and Zoom, two fantastic organizations that maintain a strong worldwide presence as well as a commitment to making a positive impact within our community made both a natural fit for the helmet decal program and we are happy to be partnering with them.”  


The St. Louis Blues announced on January 7, 2021, that they will wear two different advertisements on their helmets this season — a Stifel logo on their home blues and a green Enterprise logo on their road whites. Enterprise holds the current naming rights to the Blues’ home arena.


The defending cup champs, the Tampa Bay Lightning will wear two logos on their helmets. On their home blues is the logo of DEX Imaging while the Tampa General Hospital (TGH) logo is on their road whites.

“We’d like to thank both DEX Imaging and Tampa General Hospital for their continued support of the Tampa Bay Lightning and AMALIE Arena,” Steve Griggs, CEO of the Vinik Sports Group said in the official release. “We could not be more pleased to showcase the TGH and DEX brands on our team helmets as we compete to bring the Stanley Cup back to Tampa Bay in the 2020-21 season. We thank DEX, TGH and their respective leadership teams for further entrusting us with the companies’ names and brands.”


The Toronto Maple Leafs, like most teams, will wear the logo of their arena naming rights holder, in this case, Scotiabank (same as the Calgary Flames). The Leafs announced the team will wear the company’s white “S” logo on their home blue and a red (ugh) S on their road white helmets for the 2020-21 NHL season on January 4, 2021.


Like the Oilers, the Canucks are wearing the logo of Rogers on their helmets. As a Canadian, I promise you we have more than four companies in this country though I know it seems hard to believe.


The Vegas Golden Knights will wear the logo of Credit One Bank on their home graphite helmets and Allegiant on their road whites, the team announced both on January 13, 2021.


The Washington Capitals will be wearing the logo of their arena naming rights holder CapitalOne, the deal announced on December 22, 2020. The Capitals deal is interesting in that it at least still contains most of their team’s name in the sponsor logo?

“Monumental Sports & Entertainment has a long-standing relationship with Capital One, and we are thrilled to add a valuable piece of real estate to their portfolio as the Capitals helmet entitlement partner,” said Jim Van Stone, President of Business Operations for MS&E in the Capitals press release. “We are excited to further grow our relationship with Capital One through a unique, first-of-a-kind opportunity in hockey that greatly showcases the brand across local, national and international audiences.”


While the Winnipeg Jets have yet to announce anything, players have been wearing the logo for Bell on their helmets during team practices.