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Report: Colorado Rockies Getting New Uniform “Next Year”

According to an email exchange, the Colorado Rockies are getting a new uniform “next year”.

So, I don’t know if “next year” is 2021 or if it’s 2022 (UPDATE! we’ve since got some clarification on this, check out the end of the article for an update!). I don’t know if it’s just one new uniform or an entirely new set of uniforms, and, to be frank, I don’t even know if these emails are even authentic. So in short, I’m not much help here. But! I’m still bringing this to your attention anyway because it certainly might be something.

According to a post on Reddit, Dick Monfort, owner of the Colorado Rockies responded to a fan’s email, answering their question about new uniforms for the team (among other questions) with “You are in luck, not only am I answering but next year we will have a new uniform, so stay tuned to that.”

Well that’s interesting.

Assuming this exchange is genuine, it could mean any of the above (all new uniforms or just one new alternate uniform) or it could be in reference to Major League Baseball’s total shift to the Nike uniform in 2022 (in the 2020 and 2021 seasons, players are simply wearing Majestic uniforms rebranded with Nike swooshes).

The Colorado Rockies have basically worn the same uniforms since their first season now 29 seasons ago. They have always worn white with pinstripes and “ROCKIES” arched across it at home, the road uniform has been tweaked a few times along the way. Originally, it read “ROCKIES” across the front from 1993 until 2000, the addition of pinstripes and a switch to “COLORADO” until 2011, and finally the combination uniform (COLORADO with no pinstripes) since 2012.

UPDATE Jan 7/21: A Tweet from the Colorado Rockies team shop says the club will not be wearing any new uniforms in 2021. So, assuming the email here is on the up and up, new uniforms for the Rockies are coming in 2022.