MLS Impact Rebrand as Club de Foot Montreal

The Montreal Impact of Major League Soccer announced a new name and unveiled a new logo this morning.

Now known as Club de Foot Montréal, the team’s new badge features a stylized snowflake made up of several “M”s for Montreal in silver as well as arrows pointing inwards, this is placed within a black circle trimmed in blue. The team’s new name circles the design with a pair of fleur-de-lis on either side. Based on the club’s new website the team will likely be referred to as CF Montreal.

The Impact joined Major League Soccer in 2012 following a successful run in other professional leagues.

The team lists their official colours as Impact Black, Ice Silver, and SacreBleu (well done).

Impact Black because “It’s the unifying colour, a reflection of all of us”, Ice Silver “for those moonlit, crisp winter nights”, and SacreBleu because “our roots are blue, this colour runs in our veins, since day one. And this blue is our blue, made right here in Montreal”

CF Montreal says their logo was inspired by “icons that propelled Montreal to be recognized as a true global city, open to the world and most of all, open to accepting the world”.