Every Possible Super Bowl LV Matchup Remaining

We’re now into the second round of the 2020 NFL Playoffs with only eight teams left to fight for the title of Super Bowl LV Champion.

As I typically do during the playoffs, I’ve put together a graphic showing every possible Super Bowl matchup remaining, with four left on each side we have sixteen possibilities left.

Take a look:

With the Bills and Browns still in there this late, there are certainly a bunch of now very possible Super Bowls left which we typically wouldn’t have even imagined not too long ago. It’s good. Time to shake things up a bit. It is the 2020 season afterall, things gotta be weird.

Of the 16 left what’s your preference? We’ve got some great looking matchups in there with a Chiefs-Packers Super Bowl I rematch standing out. Share your picks in the comments.