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What Uniforms will we see in Super Bowl LV?

LINK: Chiefs, Buccaneers announce uniform choices for Super Bowl LV

Hey, the headline rhymes if you read the Roman numeral as individual letters. Well done, self!

With the NFL’s Conference Championship round upon us we’re left with just four, yes FOUR teams left to sip from Vince Lombardi’s mug (…wait, no) and therefore there are now just four possible Super Bowl LV matchups.

Because the AFC’s Kansas City Chiefs were designated as the home team in last year’s Super Bowl LIV, the honour this season goes to the NFC. This means that either the Green Bay Packers or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will get first dibs on uniform colours.

And yes! The Tampa Bay Buccaneers home field at Raymond James Stadium is the host venue for Super Bowl LV, if the Bucs beat the Packers this weekend, Tampa Bay will become the first team to ever play a Super Bowl in their very own home stadium (Other than that time the Miami Dolphins faced the Philadelphia Eagles at Joe Robbie Stadium. The Super Bowl halftime show featured a recently stolen dolphin playing with a football. Look it up, kids.)

Assuming home teams decide to wear home colours, below are the four different uniform matchups we can probably expect for Super Bowl LV:


With Tampa Bay the home team and the host team there’s no doubt they’d go with their red on pewter combination which they’ve already worn to victory in the Wildcard round as well as in their only Super Bowl appearance. Buffalo, making their first Super Bowl appearance since their four straight losses between Super Bowls XXV and XXVIII, would then likely go with white on blue, having just worn it while winning the AFC Championship at Kansas City. White on blue would also avoid a white-on-white combo which the Bills only wore in the Super Bowl once before, a one-point loss to the Giants at Super Bowl XXV which was played in… yes, you guessed it, Tampa.


Classic. A rematch of the first Super Bowl, and should the Chiefs instead go with white pants, it’d be a uniform re-match of that historic game as well. Green Bay as the home team would go with their classic green on golds which they’ve never lost a Super Bowl while wearing, Kansas City would then be forced to wear white which they’ve never won a Super Bowl while wearing. Superstitions.


Green Bay, again, as the designated home team in their traditional green and golds up against the Bills who, as we mentioned in the Bills-Bucs matchup, would stick with what they won the AFC Championship in. With Buffalo reverting to a throwback-style uniform three years ago we’ve got a very old school look here, the Bills are just a stationary bison logo on the helmet away from taking us right back to the early 1970s.


The only of the four potential matchups that sees two somewhat similar colours against each other. Tampa Bay would certainly go red on pewter, they switched to this look in 2020 because it resembled what they wore to their only previous Super Bowl championship — it would be fitting that they break it out again with the opportunity to do so a second time. Kansas City has only worn white in one previous Super Bowl and it was a loss 55 years ago. A Chiefs victory in white would make them the first team to win consecutive Super Bowls while wearing different jerseys since the New England Patriots did so in Super Bowl XXXIX.

Now that you’ve seen them all laid out, which one do you think is best? Gotta be honest, they’re all pretty great, a good year for Super Bowl uniforms regardless. Share your thoughts in the comments:

UPDATE (Jan 27/21): This article was written prior to the Super Bowl LV matchup being set, both the Buccaneers and Chiefs have since announced their uniform choices for the game and, naturally, it ended up being none of the above.