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2020 Creamer Awards: Best League Logo Voting

Every year we gather the best in new sports logos, break them out into different categories and then present them to the masses in order to determine the logo that stands above them all.

And then we give that logo an award.

I call these awards the Creamer Awards. Why? Because I wanted to!

To be eligible for a Creamer (look, I can’t help my name), a logo must have made its in-game debut during the 2020 calendar year. If it’s a team’s or league’s logo, it must have been first used in a game between January 1 and December 31, 2020, regardless of when the logo was actually unveiled. If it’s an event logo, the event must have been held within this same span, again, regardless of when the logo itself was released.

This year is the ninth edition of the awards and this time we’re staggering the announcement of the finalists as well as the voting by category over several days. Today we announce and begin the voting for the 2020 League Logo of the Year (click any image for a closer look):

This year was complicated, many events were cancelled due to the pandemic, I had to adjust some of our usual rules on the fly. Two of the events above (the two Final Fours) never took place but I’m not going to hold the logos responsible for this, therefore they’re included. The cancelled Los Angeles-hosted 2020 MLB All-Star Game logo would have also made the list of finalists but because the league has already announced the logo will be re-used in 2022 I took it out of the running for 2020 – it will be eligible for the awards in the year it will actually be used.

Choose your two favourite logos of the ten finalists below, you can come back and vote again once every 24 hours. Polls close at 11:59 pm ET on Sunday, January 31, 2021.

Thanks for helping decide the best new sports logos of 2020, check back next week when we will announce and open the voting on the best team supporting logos of the year (alternates, secondaries, anniversary logos, etc). All the winners will be announced together when voting in all other categories has been completed.

LINK: 2019 Creamer Awards Winners Announced