Here’s the Logo for the 2021 NBA All-Star Game

Behold, the latest logo for the 2021 NBA All-Star Game… well, that is if they even end up playing the game, of course.

The NBA today launched their annual voting for the All-Star Game rosters, despite the fact there’s no actual All-Star Game scheduled to be played this season. Though there was no formal announcement of the logo release, you can clearly see the logo throughout the voting portal.

Sticking mostly with the template the league has been using for the last four years, the logo features ALL STAR in black lettering with 2021 above, a red star starts off on the far right and finishes up in between the words ALL and STAR. The league logo, as always, placed off to the left.

Back in November, the NBA announced the 2021 All-Star Game, originally set to be played in Indianapolis, would not be played. Indianapolis and the Pacers would instead get to host the 2024 game. But earlier this week, reports surfaced that the league may end up playing an All-Star Game this season with Atlanta floated as a possible host with the game played in March.

The league had already unveiled a logo for the Indianapolis game, compare the old and the new logos below:

As mentioned earlier, this is the fourth year now that the NBA has used its generic design template that it’s applied across all the league’s logos, from the NBA Playoffs and Finals, to the Draft and even the individual Conference logos, all logos use the same format of the league logo to the left, event name to the right in the same font.


A look back shows you how the once creative NBA All-Star Game logos have deteriorated over the last few years to where we are today. Some brilliant designs right up to the point of the template takeover:

LINK: NBA All-Star Game logo history