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Cleveland Browns To Wear Alternate Uniform In 2021 For 75th Anniversary

During a radio appearance on Friday afternoon, Cleveland Browns executive vice president and co-owner J.W. Johnson announced the team will wear alternate uniforms during the 2021 season as part of their 75th anniversary celebration, though it’s unclear if it will be a throwback or new design.

“We will have an alternate uniform this year, so all the uniform heads out there that try to come up with them on social media can have a little fun now if they’re listening to see what they can come up with,” Johnson said on Baskin and Phelps on 92.3 The Fan. “We will have a nice alternate to be able to present to everybody at some point for the 75th anniversary.”

The news of the alternate uniform comes on the same day the Browns revealed their 75th anniversary logo, which prominently displays the helmet they used as their primary logo from 1970-85 – albeit with a gray two-bar facemask – and eight stars to represent the AAFC and NFL championships the franchise won between 1946-64, including league titles in their first five years of existence. 

While Cleveland’s look has remained relatively consistent throughout the franchise’s history, the Browns did wear white helmets from 1946-51. If the NFL relaxes its one-helmet rule, that could be an option for the alternate uniform. 

Cleveland’s original uniforms also featured drop shadow numbers, which would help differentiate it from their current look, which was introduced prior to the 2020 season and features a traditional striping pattern on the sleeves.

The Browns have worn orange alternate uniforms on occasion throughout their history, including from 1953-55, 2003-04 and 2015-16. They also wore numbers on their orange helmets in the past, doing so from 1957-60.

That said, the 75th anniversary logo shown above does not include numbers on the helmet, which might be a hint as to which direction the Browns will go with their alternate uniform. So is the gray facemask, which is different from the brown facemask Cleveland currently wears.

Photos courtesy of the Cleveland Browns.