Unified: Anniversary Patches

Episode two of Unified, my new podcast project which I am co-hosting with Paul Lukas of Uni Watch dropped (the cool kids still say “dropped”, right?) this morning. In this week’s show, a discussion about the Cleveland Browns celebrating their 75th next season led us back through time to look at the origins of teams wearing anniversary patches as well a discussion regarding the do’s and dont’s of what an anniversary patch should be and what it should celebrate.

The Unified Podcast is available both as a traditional audio-only podcast as well as in video form where we can show you all these logos and uniforms that come up thorughout the show.

You can subscribe to the audio only version on Apple here or through Google here (more links to other services at the end of this post), or check out the video version of it on the SportsLogos.Net YouTube channel right here. The plan is for new episodes to be posted weekly, but we’re still just getting this thing going.

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