Beloit Snappers push back rebrand, give Snappy reprieve

The Beloit Snappers have been saying since last summer that they were going to have a new name to go along with their new stadium in 2021, going as far as announcing finalists in their name-the-team contest. But the Beloit Cheese Balls, Polka Pike, Supper Clubbers, Sky Carp, or Moo will have to wait a year, as the team announced that 2021 will be the Snappers’ Farewell Season.

The Snappers, fresh off signing on to be the High-A affiliate of the Miami Marlins for the next decade, the announced that they’ll be taking advantage of MLB’s services in rebranding.

“Now that the PDL system has been formalized and we are officially an affiliated team, we have the chance to collaborate directly with Major League Baseball’s branding, licensing, and apparel experts and their vast connections around the nation to bring our new team identity to life in even bigger and better ways,” the team said on its website. “We’re excited to be the first Minor League team to have the opportunity to take advantage of these resources to showcase the team identity chosen by our fans on a national stage. To allow time to take full use of these new resources, we will be unveiling the new team name following the 2021 season.”

When the team initially announced its intentions to rebrand, many Snappers fans came out in support of Snappy and the Snappers’ longtime, turtly identity, created by designer Chris Kretz more than a quarter century ago. Those fans will get their wish for at least one more year, beginning May 4 when the team’s season debuts.