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Coastal Plain League adds Spartanburgers to menu

A collegiate wood-bat summer league that already features the Savannah Bananas, Macon Bacon, and Tri-City Chili Peppers (not to mention the Lexington County Blowfish and Morehead City Marlins) added another food-based team yesterday. The Spartanburgers—who resisted the urge to capitalize the B in burger—will represent the city of Spartanburg, South Carolina, as the 15th team in the growing Coastal Plain League.

If you have not already deciphered the code, the team’s nickname, which is unique in that it’s just one word, is a whimsical reference to people who are from Spartanburg. The brand plays off of a ’50s diner theme, with an anthropomorphized hamburger as the main course, and a container of fast-food baseball bat French fries as an important side dish.

According to Matt Perry, one of the team owners, who couldn’t BE any more excited to be bringing baseball back to Spartanburg after a 13 year hiatus, the nickname is more than just wordplay.

“”Those who live in the area know the market is blessed with numerous and historical burger restaurants,” he said, quoted in a release on the league’s website. “Spartanburgers provides a fun way to tie everything together.”

The Spartanburgers will make their debut May 27, 2021, against the aforementioned Lexington County Blowfish.