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2021 ALCS and NLCS Logos Revealed

Major Leage Baseball today officially unveiled the logos for both the 2021 American League and National League Championship Series. As they follow the exact same design style, this unveiling essentially confirms the 2021 World Series logo we saw earlier this week.

The league’s announcement of the 2021 ALCS and NLCS logos was paired with the naming of the new presenting sponsor of the championship round, the logo for loanDepot will appear below both logos for the next five seasons, running from 2021 through 2025.

MLB today announced @loanDepot has been named presenting sponsor of the ALCS & NLCS through 2025. loanDepot will also present the free prediction contest #OpeningDay Pick ‘Em – fans who correctly predict winners of every Opening Day game are entered for a chance to win $200,000.

– MLB Communications (@MLB_PR)

As mentioned earlier, the logo follows a similar style as the 2021 World Series logo, shown below:

There is one minor difference between the two (aside from the name of the event, of course), and that is the inclusion of two pennants on the LCS logos — the AL flags fly to the right, the NL to the left. On the World Series logo, these pennants are replaced by a view of North America (you know, the World).

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Unlike the World Series logo, the ALCS and NLCS logos are not worn on player uniforms or caps – since 2012 players have worn the Postseason logo (still to be revealed) until they reach the final round. The ALCS and NLCS logos are usually reserved for on-field decoration, gameday programs, and SportsLogos.net’s ALCS and NLCS history sections.