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Miami Dolphins General Manager Had Jersey Made For Drew Brees In 2006

After New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees announced his retirement on Sunday afternoon, people from around the NFL took the opportunity to share their favorite stories about the future Hall of Famer. But one, in particular, caught our eye.

During an appearance on SiriusXM radio, former Miami Dolphins general manager Randy Mueller said he was prepared to offer Brees a five-year, $50 million contract when he was a free agent in 2006. He even had the equipment staff whip up ceremonial jersey with Brees’ name on the back for a potential press conference.

Brees was coming off shoulder surgery at the time, though, and ultimately failed his physical with the Dolphins, who ended up choosing Daunte Culpepper to be their next signal-caller. That was clearly the wrong choice, as Culpepper played in just four games over one season in Miami, while Brees signed with New Orleans, where he won Super Bowl XLIV, went to 12 Pro Bowls and led the league in passing yards seven times. 

Brees is now the NFL’s all-time leader in career passing yards (80,358) and ranks second all time in touchdown passes (571) and completion percentage (67.7). As for his one-of-a-kind Dolphins jersey, Mueller said he gave it to a member of the equipment staff and its whereabouts are unknown.

Photos courtesy of @Saints on Twitter.