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The Unified Show: Why Do We Collect?

Episode seven of the Unified podcast co-hosted by Paul Lukas of Uni Watch and me, Chris Creamer of has just been posted!

This week, Paul and I tackle the question “Why are uniform people also collectors?”, what’s the connection between being a big fan of logos and uniforms and being an avid collector of things – not necessarily related to sports as well as sharing some of the more unusual things both of us have collected as kids and now to this day.

We also discuss the NBA’s new Earned uniform series, the new logo for Minor League Baseball, and in honour of St. Patrick’s Day, our thoughts on teams wearing green for the big day. As always we finish things of with our listener question of the week.

Episode seven is available both via an audio-only podcast stream (linked below) as well as a video on the YouTube channel (linked further below)

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