LA Dodgers Gold Cap for Opening Day 2021 Leaked

Though they may be one of the more conservative teams when it comes to fiddlin’ with their uniforms, the Los Angeles Dodgers aren’t going to pass up the opportunity to celebrate their first World Series championship in over 30 years.

Thanks to a series of leaked photos posted on the Instagram account of cap shop The Locker Room of Downey, we now know how the Dodgers will incorporate gold into their uniforms when they take the field for their 2021 home opener next week.

As you can see in the photos below, the cap will feature a gold pill, the Dodgers’ familiar “LA” logo in white with gold trim, the 2020 World Series Champions logo on the side, and both the MLB batterman logo and the New Era logo in gold.

We’ve yet to see the gold jerseys the Dodgers will wear to accompany their caps but I’m sure it’ll be similar to what we’ve seen other defending champs do in recent seasons, a little gold trim to the standard team script.

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Below, a quick look through the past to see the uniforms that other teams have worn to celebrate their championships on opening day of the following season starting with the most recent, the 2020 Washington Nationals, who wore their touch of gold jerseys throughout a good chunk of their season rather than just opening day:

Washington Nationals, 2020
Houston Astros, 2018
Kansas City Royals, 2016
Boston Red Sox, 2014
St. Louis Cardinals, 2012
Philadelphia Phillies, 2009 (photo via