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Buffalo Bills To Wear White Facemask On Full-Time Basis

After 10 seasons with a gray facemask, the Buffalo Bills announced earlier this month that they‘ll wear a white facemask moving forward.

The announcement was part of an elaborate April Fools’ Day prank where multiple players expressed their love for the gray facemask on social media. Wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie even claimed it took so long for him and the Bills to come to an agreement on his new contact because he wanted the team’s look to remain intact.  

“Obviously, I got what I wanted,” McKenzie said. “If I wanted white, I would have said white. But I wanted gray, so that’s what we got.”

Buffalo then released another video later that afternoon let fans in on the joke. It starts with a little girl on the playground picking up a Bills helmet with a gray facemask before her mother shows up and says, “No, no, put that down. It’s a gray facemask. You don’t touch those.” 

The video also shows people throwing out their Bills helmets with gray facemasks, leaving them on the street or letting them collect dust, before the announcement becomes official: “2021 and beyond, no more gray.” 

The Bills debuted their white facemasks during a victory over the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving in 2019 and brought them back out for a win against the San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football last season, as shown above.

Photo courtesy of @BuffaloBills on Twitter.