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The Unified Show: Yellow Sox! Purple Dodgers?

Episode ten (yes, episode ten!) of The Unified Show features Paul Lukas and Chris Creamer just talkin’ baseball for the whole show! First a gathering of thoughts on that new yellow Boston Red Sox Nike City Connect uniform, then a quick chat about the uniform-related implications of the in-season 2021 MLB All-Star Game switch from Atlanta to Denver.

The show’s main feature is the thrilling conclusion to the interview with Los Angeles Dodgers design director Ross Yoshida which began in episode nine. Yoshida drops an epic bombshell in the form of the Dodgers near switch to purple in the late 1990s. Of course it seems unimaginable now, but don’t forget, in the ’90s nothing was off the table (let’s not forget what happened to the Detroit Pistons). Was this an attempt to create a unified look across the city? The Lakers of course wear purple, the LA Kings were in the process of switching back to purple, it makes a little more sense when you consider the era… Still, though!

Ross dishes on much more than just the purple Dodgers, so I encourage you to check out the entire discussion if you’re at all interested in what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to designing and working for a Major League Baseball team.

As always the show wraps up with the listener question of the week, which, yes, is baseball related!

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