Dodgers Wearing Gold on Opening Day to Celebrate World Series Title

The Los Angeles Dodgers are celebrating their 2020 World Series championship this afternoon. After receiving their championship rings, the players will take the field wearing special gold-trimmed uniforms at home against the previous defending champion Washington Nationals.

The uniform is white with “Dodgers” scripted across the front in blue with gold trim, the player number is below to the left in red, again with gold trim. Caps are blue with the familiar “LA” in white with gold trim and a gold pill on the cap.

The jersey has a Roman numeral 7 (VII) in gold on the left sleeve above a single blue star, the 7 represents the World Series championships in team history. On the opposite sleeve is the 2020 World Series Champions patch on blue. This patch appears again on the side of the cap.

This is a tradition that has dated back across Major League Baseball to 2005 when the Boston Red Sox took to the field (pre-game only) wearing gold-trimmed uniforms to collect their 2004 World Series rings. The St. Louis Cardinals were the first to actually wear the gold-trimmed uniforms in a game when they did so in 2007 following their title in 2006. Since then, only the 2010 New York Yankees have opted against wearing any gold decoration during their defense of a World title.

The Royals wearing their golden 2015 World Series Champs uniforms in 2016

As mentioned, the Dodgers players, coaches, and staff also received their 2020 World Series Champions rings on the field before the game, the team posted a great detailed shot of the ring designs to their social media accounts:

In total, the Jostens ring features 222 round diamonds, 10 princess-cut diamonds, 45 custom-cut genuine sapphires, 8 round genuine sapphires, and 11.0 carats of gemstones. I’m no expert on gems and the such, but that sounds fairly impressive (and expensive!). Loving those custom-cut sapphires to create the interlocking “LA” logo right on the front, and the full-colour Dodgers logo on the side really pops against the silver.