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Cincinnati Bengals Unveil New Uniforms

Although an eBay leak in early March prematurely revealed the design, the Cincinnati Bengals officially unveiled their new uniforms on Monday morning. 

“We wanted the new uniforms to have a clean, sleek design,” Bengals director of strategy and fan engagement Elizabeth Blackburn said in a statement. “We used our popular Color Rush jersey, helmet and the beautiful bengal tiger as inspiration to achieve an iconic, bold look.”

The home black, orange alternate and white road jerseys feature a new tiger stripe pattern on the sleeves and shoulders that is somewhat reminiscent of the Bengals’ previous design, only larger and no longer encased in sleeve caps. They’re orange on the black jersey and black on both the orange and white jerseys.

There are no television numbers on the shoulders or logos on the sleeves, leaving just a white Nike swoosh on the black and orange jerseys and orange Nike swoosh on the white jersey. 

Cincinnati has simplified and slightly modified its previous number font, which now features a single contrasting outline instead of a heavy drop shadow. The numerals are also thinner and feature a sharp, truncated edge to “mimic the modern design of Paul Brown Stadium and the claw marks of a ferocious bengal.” The stroke was also removed from the nameplate for simplicity.

“They’re super simple, but very sleek with a lot of different colors,” said defensive end Sam Hubbard. “You look good, you feel good, you play good.” 

There is a small Bengals wordmark on the chest above the numbers and the signature of late founder and coach Paul Brown on the inside of the back collar, making them the 10th team in the league with words, logos or symbols in that spot.

“They’re fire,” running back Joe Mixon said “I love the font. My favorite thing is the signature on the back.”

This marks the first time we’ve seen the slightly updated pants design, however. There are three different versions that feature orange on black, black on white and orange with a black stroke on white, the last of which allows the Bengals to wear white pants with either their black home or orange alternate jerseys.

The black on white will be worn exclusively with the white road jersey while the orange on black can be worn interchangeably with any of the three jerseys.

“We’re setting the standard of what we want. It’s a whole new locker room. Stuff like this gives the players a lift,” safety Jessie Bates III said. “I feel the guys here are among the main guys. It’s a different look and we’re excited about it.” 

The helmet, meanwhile, remains unchanged.

Photos courtesy of the Cincinnati Bengals.