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MLB Unveils New Logo for 2021 All-Star Game, hosted by Colorado Rockies

Okay. Let’s try that again.

Major League Baseball and the Colorado Rockies this evening unveiled the logo for the 2021 MLB All-Star Game (serious, this time) to be held on Tuesday, July 13th at Coors Field in Denver.

The logo was unveiled on-field prior to the Rockies home game against the Philadelphia Phillies. Rockies players took the field already wearing the new logo in the form of jersey and cap patches. Colorado was awarded the 2021 All-Star Game just three weeks ago following its last-minute shift from Atlanta.

Bathed in purple, the 2021 MLB All-Star Game logo uses a star as its main shape, the tops of three mountains peeking (peaking?) up from the bottom in black with white and silver tops. These three mountain tops are reflected in lighter shades of purple above. Across the middle of the logo it reads “ALL*STAR GAME” in a silver serif typeface, COLORADO below in silver, and 2021 above in purple on a silver banner that flanks Major League Baseball’s familiar logo.

LINK: MLB All-Star Game Logo History

“The official logo of the 2021 MLB All-Star Game celebrates the landscape of Colorado”, reads the press release. “The iconic Rocky Mountains are the centerpiece of this mark, and this distinct illustration subliminally completes the dynamic star shape. Rockies purple along with the modern geometric mountain silhouette create the logo’s dimension and signifies the expansive views from downtown Denver and Coors Field.”

The patches worn by the Rockies are of a slightly different design, on the jersey, instead of being placed in a star shape the logo shows the All-Star Game script and the mountains within a purple and black square. On the cap the lettering is abbreviated to ASG, the mountains remain.

This year’s mid-summer classic marks the second time the Colorado Rockies have hosted Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game, previously the game was held in Denver in 1998 which the AL won 13-8 with future Hall of Famer Roberto Alomar taking home MVP honours.

A look back at baseball’s All-Star Game logo history, going back to 1973 in Kansas City, up through 2021 in Denver:

This game and logo replaces the previously unveiled logo set for the game hosted by the Atlanta Braves, you can read all about the logos that now will never be used right here.