Leaks Show Unconventional Puma Jersey Template Carrying Over to European Club Teams

When Puma unveiled unconventional secondary jerseys for four countries competing in Euro 2020 this summer, there was speculation on whether we would see a similar template ported over to the major European soccer clubs that Puma outfits for the 2021-22 season.

Well, that looks to be the case.

Soccer blog Todo Sobre Camisetas (TSC) claims to have received a catalogue from a source that includes illustrations of change kits for AC Milan, Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City and Olympique Marseille that follow roughly the same template as the Euro 2020 kits.

This includes the club name written across the chest of the jersey between two stripes, stripes over the shoulders, and the Puma logo front and centre on the chest. The club crest is either downplayed or non-existent on the shirt, although it does appear on the shorts.

According to TSC, the idea behind the club name on the chest instead of the crest is to highlight that “the coat of arms can change over time, but it is the name that creates a legacy.”

(While TSC labels most of these as third kits, it is still unclear how they will fit into each club’s kit hierarchy, so we’ll stick to calling them “change” or “alternate” kits.)

AC Milan

The Serie A giants will purportedly be wearing a black shirt with red stripes across the chest and “AC MILAN” written out in red. White Puma logos appear on the sleeves, chest and shorts. The shoulder stripes and cuffs are also black.

The shorts will apparently be black with red numbers and a monochromatic red crest. The socks are pictured as black with red stripes and a white “ACM” monogram.

While there is no shirt sponsor included on the illustration, AC Milan and Emirates Airline extended their sponsorship deal last year, so that logo should remain on the front of this shirt.

Borussia Dortmund

In recent years, Borussia Dortmund have had an alternate yellow “cup kit,” which they have worn at home in the Champions League and German domestic cup competitions while wearing their regular home kit in the Bundesliga. It appears that the new Puma template will be used on Dortmund’s cup kit in 2021-22.

The shirt is reported to be in a neon yellow shade that the club used in the mid-1990s and was recently brought back for a special throwback kit. “DORTMUND” is spelled out across the chest in black. Other accents on the shirt are also black, including the Puma logos and shoulder stripes. There appears to be some kind of pattern running between the shoulder stripes and collar, which also appears on the tops of the socks, but it’s unclear from the current images exactly what that is.

The shorts will reportedly be black, with yellow numbers, a yellow Puma logo numbers and Dortmund’s crest. The socks are pictured as yellow with black stripes and a black “BVB” monogram.

Specialty chemicals company Evonik is the sponsor for Dortmund’s cup kits, while internet service provider 1&1 sponsors the team’s Bundesliga kits.

Manchester City

The new change kit for the presumptive 2020-21 Premier League champions will reportedly be navy blue, with the stripes and “MAN CITY” on the chest in the club’s traditional sky blue. The Puma logos are shown in white, and the shoulder stripes and cuffs appear to be black or dark grey in the illustration.

According to TSC, the City shirt will also feature the club crest embossed in a pattern down the front of the shirt, similar to the secondary shirts unveiled for Austria and Italy. It’s difficult to make out in the illustration, but TSC claims it’s there.

The shorts will apparently be navy blue with white numbers and a full-colour crest. The socks are pictured as navy blue with sky blue stripes and “CITY” spelled out in white.

Olympique Marseille

French Ligue 1 outfit Olympique Marseille will reportedly sport a blue alternate kit, with Puma logos and accents in a brighter shade of blue. “MARSEILLE” will be spelled out across the chest in white. Like Manchester City, an embossed pattern of the club crest runs down the front of the shirt.

The shorts will apparently be blue, with bright blue numbers and a white club crest. The socks are pictured as blue with bright blue stripes and a white “OM” monogram.

All photos courtesy Todo Sobre Camisetas