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Leaked: New Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City Jerseys for 2021-22

It’s that time of year again: jerseys for club soccer teams across Europe have began to leak in places online. Several Premier League jerseys have cropped up in recent days — let’s take a look:

Liverpool (Home)

Hoo boy, there’s a lot going on here. Like, a lot a lot.

According to FootyHeadlines, the above is what Liverpool’s home jersey will look like in 2021-22. It’s Nike’s second crack at a home kit for the Reds since they switched from New Balance. And they’ve crammed quite a few elements into this one.

Whereas the 2020-21 Liverpool home jersey used green as an accent colour — presumably inspired by the famous Shankly Gates outside Anfield — the 2021-22 jersey introduces a lighter shade of red, almost orange or pink. The base of the jersey features a wavy pattern radiating out from the collar, which may be a feature on numerous Nike game and practice jerseys this year. Overtop of this pattern are zigzags in the lighter shade of red.

The back of the collar (seen below) includes some black trim. Just below is a tribute to the 96 victims of the Hillsborough Disaster in 1989. Some form of tribute has appeared on Liverpool jerseys for many years.

Main jersey sponsor Standard Chartered — a bank based in London that does business across Asia, Africa and the Middle East — has revamped their logo, and their new mark appears on the front of the shirt in off-white (though that may be due to lighting conditions under which the photo was taken).

Chelsea (Home)

Not to be outdone when it comes to craziness, FootyHeadlines is also reporting that Chelsea is set to unveil the above jersey as their home jersey for the 2021-22 season. And, well … it too is a lot to take in.

The jersey combines two-toned blue checkerboard and zigzag patterns, warped and skewed into a positively psychedelic design that’s destined to polarize their fanbase. The Nike logo appears in yellow on the chest, as do stripes down each side of the jersey. The collar is solid blue, with a “CFC” monogram on the back.

The pattern and yellow side stripes reportedly continue onto the shorts.

The logo of Irish telecommunications company Three remains on the front of the jersey in white.

Manchester City (Away)

In terms of unconventional jerseys, what Todo Sobre Camisetas is reporting will be Manchester City’s away set for 2021-22 would be right up there most years. But they seem pretty tame in comparison to what Liverpool and Chelsea are apparently rolling out.

Man City’s away kits are reported to be predominantly white, with teal cuffs and stripes over the shoulders. The club crest, Puma logo and sponsor logo (Etihad Airways) on the chest feature a gradient that fades from pink to teal. This matches up with some other images of Man City gear for 2021-22 that have cropped up lately.

The graphic posted by TSC appears to show some kind of design on the chest and shoulders. However, TSC does clarify that these are not a graphic, but actually “micro-perforations” that will appear on player versions of the jersey.

The shorts and socks will apparently be white with teal accents.

Images have also surfaced recently of Manchester City’s home and third kits.

Photos courtesy FootyHeadlines and Todo Sobre Camisetas