Pioneer Baseball League introduces new branding for new era

In advance of its first season as an independent “MLB Partner League,” the Pioneer Baseball League unveiled a new look today, including two new logos and a redesigned website. Per the league, the new identity is meant to reflect “a classic baseball look and feel while paying homage to the league’s rich history and location in the Mountain States region.”

The logos, created by the North Carolina-based firm Project 13, feature the year 1939, when the league was founded. A roundel logo identifies the four states where the league’s eight teams play: The Rocky Mountain Vibes and Grand Junction Rockies in Colorado, the Boise Hawks and Idaho Falls Chukars in Idaho, the Ogden Raptors in Utah, and the Missoula Paddleheads, Great Falls Voyagers, and Billings Mustangs in Montana. (The Orem Owlz are not playing in 2021, but are expected to rejoin the league in 2022 as the Northern Colorado Owlz.)

“This year the Pioneer League graduated to MLB Partner League status,” said Pioneer League President Michael Shapiro, quoted on the league’s website, “and so it was clear that the league’s brand identity needed a thorough refresh.”

The Pioneer League, which until last year was an affiliated rookie-level league, made headlines in recent weeks when they announced plans to determine the winners of games tied after nine innings with a home run contest. I, your trusty author, am hoping to see this new rule in action during a four-game road trip in July or at one of many Rocky Mountain Vibes games I hope to attend this season.