Leaked Photos Give Sneak Peek at 2021-22 Jerseys for Major European Soccer Clubs

The leaks just keep on coming — several more major European soccer clubs have had photos of what appear to be their jerseys for the 2021-22 season surface online in recent days. Let’s go through them …

Barcelona (Home)

While Barcelona have generally stuck with red and blue vertical stripes for their home jerseys, they haven’t been afraid to play with that motif over the years. They’ve done checkers, they’ve done hoops, they’ve done half-and-half. But, according to Footy Headlines, they’re going to try something completely different in 2021-22.

The striping pattern shown in the leaked photos (see above) is based on the club’s crest. Barcelona’s website describes the crest as such:

“The top quarters contain the St. George’s Cross, representing the patron saint of Catalonia and which is also present in the coat of arms of the city of Barcelona, and the Catalan flag. The bottom quarters contain the colours of the Club and a ball, which is central to the crest and the BARÇA style of play.”

Footy Headlines also reports that the shorts that will go with this jersey will be half red and half blue, and players will wear one red sock and one blue sock.

Manchester United (Home)

Manchester United are keeping things simple in 2021-22, according to Footy Headlines, with a solid red home jersey. While it’s hard to see in the photos posted, Footy Headlines reports that the adidas logo and shoulder stripes will be in an off-white colour, as will a devil taken from the club crest and placed on the back near the collar. Other accents, such as the collar and cuffs, appear to be a brighter white. The neck tape inside the collar is gold and reads “YOUTH • COURAGE • SUCCESS”.

This will be the first season for United’s new jersey sponsor, TeamViewer. Plumbing fixture company Kohler remains the sleeve sponsor.

Arsenal (Away)

Arsenal’s new away jersey for 2021-22, according to Footy Headlines, will be in the club’s traditional away kit colour of yellow, albeit in a light shade. It will feature dark blue accents and logos, with some added red trim on the sleeve cuffs and the collar tape.

The cannon from the club’s crest appears on its own on the left chest. This, along with the yellow base and blue trim, mark the 50th anniversary of the 1971 Arsenal squad winning the FA Cup over Liverpool in similar kits. This was the first time Arsenal had won the “double” — the league championship and the FA Cup in the same season.

Photo courtesy Arsenal

The jerseys also feature the logo of Arsenal For Everyone printed inside the collar. It’s a club initiative started in 2008 to celebrate the diversity of the club and its supporters, and to promote equality.

It appears that the player issue jersey (seen above) includes a dark blue strip inside the hem with the club motto “Victoria Concordia Crescit” printed on it. This may not appear on replica versions.

Borussia Dortmund (Away)

It seems like we’ve talked a lot about Borussia Dortmund lately. First came their 90s throwback jersey, then a purported leak of their 2021-22 cup kit with an unconventional template, then a leak of their home jersey for next season.

Well, here’s one more leak for 2021-22 thanks to Todo Sobre Camisetas. This time, it’s their away kit, which will reportedly be black with a tonal grey herringbone pattern. The Puma logos on the sleeves and chest will reportedly be silver.

The shorts that go with this jersey will reportedly be black with yellow numbering. The socks appear to be black with a yellow stripe and “BVB” monogram.

AC Milan (Away)

Italian Serie A powerhouses AC Milan will reportedly have the same Puma away kit template as Borussia Dortmund, Olympique Marseille and Manchester City, according to Todo Sobre Camisetas. The base of the jersey will apparently be off-white (“marble,” as TSC puts it), with black Puma logos and red accents on the sleeve cuffs and shoulders.

Footy Headlines did report in late April that the Rossoneri away kit would depict a map of the city of Milan, but it’s difficult to make out if that is present in the illustration TSC posted. There might be some sort of pattern there, but we may have to wait until the official unveiling to see exactly what it is.

As with Manchester City, there are reportedly micro-perforations on the chests of player issue shirts. The illustration doesn’t show a sponsor, but as reported with other AC Milan leaks for 2021-22, the club has signed an extension of their sponsorship deal with Emirates Airline.

The shorts and socks appear to be the same off-white colour as the jersey. The shorts have black numbering and logos, and the socks feature red stripes and a black “ACM” monogram.

Photos courtesy FootyHeadlines and Todo Sobre Camisetas unless otherwise noted