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Think Pink! Baseball Players Wearing Pink Caps, Socks for Mother’s Day 2021

Happy Mother’s Day 2021! As always, Major League Baseball will be celebrating our annual salute to those special moms, stepmoms, grandmothers, aunts, and others in our lives by having their players wear uniforms with pink elements. Every team, every player will wear pink for games played on May 9, 2021.

The big change this year will be to the team caps with re-coloured pink logos on the crown and a pink ribbon added to the right side. As was the case during the last MLB Mother’s Day in 2019 (there were no games played on Mother’s Day last season due to the COVID-19 pandemic), jerseys will *not* be pink, instead teams will wear their standard designs.

Take a look:

The polyester official team coloured cap features a pink team logo on the front crown and a complementary pink embroidered MLB ribbon on the right side. Major League Baseball will donate its licensed royalties from the sales of Mother’s Day caps to organizations supported by MLB Charities including Susan G. Komen and Stand Up To Cancer.

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A peek at all thirty 2021 MLB Mother’s Day Cap designs:

Fairly straight-forward this year, with teams retaining their typical crown colour some of these changes are hardly noticable (I had a Phillies cap end up just like that design above 25 years ago after I sadly wore it out in the rain for a high school gym class). Meanwhile, the Miami Marlins logo actually looks a little better with the extra pink, I think, really fits in with the theme of the city and their identity quite well!

The big outlier in the list above is the Oakland Athletics who are going with an old-English or Gothic styled “O” instead of the usual “A’s”. The “O” appears to be the same as what the club wore on their jersey in 1968, their first in Oakland after relocating from Kansas City. Take a look at that original ’68 wordmark logo here and you’ll see it’s the same “O” as the 2021 Mother’s Day cap.

Caps won’t be the only pink items that teams will be wearing for Mother’s Day, There will also be pink wristbands, bats, elbow guards and pink Stance socks.

The 2021 season will be the fifth in which Major League clubs will wear pink uniforms for Mother’s Day. The practice began in 2016 when teams not only wore pink-themed caps, but also matching pink jerseys, as seen in the photos below:

Milwaukee Brewers 2016 Mother’s Day Uniform (Photo: Chris Creamer/SportsLogos.Net)
Pink sleeve patches, Mother’s Day 2016 (Photo: Chris Creamer/SportsLogos.Net)

Prior to 2016 teams would simply wear a single pink ribbon on their jersey chests on Mother’s Day. The program was scaled back in 2019 when they stopped with the pink jerseys and had teams wear the pink caps (and socks) paired with their usual jersey tops.

There’s not much of a break in the holiday uniform game following Mother’s Day, just five days later every Major League team will again be clad in a special holiday themed look as they’ll wear camouflage in honour of Armed Forces Day weekend in the United States from May 14-16.

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